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Why GoomLaw?

Integration with Office 365

Never buy applications that don't integrate well with the solutions you use every day like Microsoft Office 365. 

GOOM solutions are based on Microsoft's native environment and ensure maximum current and future compatibility of the service.

Software for lawyers on a platform integrated with the Office 365 application suite.


Connection with CRM and ERP

An office management system, in addition to the legal operations, must be connected to the management and promotion of clients and to the billing and financial control system.

The solutions based on Dynamics 365 not only provide the best management of your needs as a law firm, but also support the management and commercial promotion and the administration and financial analysis to optimize your results.

All of this is based on a standard Microsoft platform that has been proven in millions of customers and is of maximum performance.


The data in your files, processes and finances are inviolable.

Opt for an environment of international prestige! GoomLaw is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and guarantees you an extensively tested and secured platform.

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What does GoomLaw bring to an office?

Technical control of the file

It digitizes the document management and the files gathering in a single platform all the associated documentation. In addition, it allows an efficient control of the lawyers involved in each process, the hours spent and the organization of the tasks. All information of a technical nature can be shared within the team itself.

Economic and financial control

Improves the control and financial analysis of each area with a powerful ERP tool integrated with the rest of the departments. Projects the treasury to make better decisions. The file is configured as the basic management unit to know the profitability of the company. Likewise, an immediate control of the work in progress is carried out.

Promoting IT strategy

The implementation of GoomLaw is carried out in several phases according to a predefined strategy. The solution is based on a standard Microsoft platform and on a .NET language that allows a corrective and evolutionary maintenance. In addition, it is a competitive solution in terms of license and maintenance costs with a flexible pay-per-use system tailored to each office.

Sales and marketing functions

GoomLaw allows a 360º vision of the firm's clients through all the information gathered in each interaction. It automates the generation and management of opportunities and has capacities to evaluate the estimated income. It also promotes the development of file admission and integration with the system that approves them.